As an existing customer, you pay, as agreed, by cash on delivery, cash in advance or by invoice. Upon request, for customers in Germany, you can pay by monthly invoice, with direct bank account debit on the 15th of the following month. New customers will receive both first orders on the basis of cash on delivery (Germany) or cash in advance (Europe, third country). For payment by cash in advance, you will receive an invoice copy beforehand and the delivery will take place after funds are received on our bank account.

We generally have the right to request a different payment type from you than already agreed, if the creditworthiness check gives rise to this, in the opinion of Bullnheimer & Co GmbH &CO KG. We shall notify this after receipt of the order.

For the purpose of the creditworthiness check, we may exchange your company details with an institute for creditworthiness checking/a credit insurer.

If you should enter into default, Bullnheimer & Co GmbH &CO KG shall have the right to demand default interest over the current base interest rate announced by the European Central Bank, unless you prove that a smaller loss was incurred.

The delivered goods shall remain the property of Bullnheimer & Co GmbH &CO KG until they are fully paid for.