GemLightbox Turntable ARIAL T2 for hanging jewellery

Product.Nr.: 2550.T2

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product description

Accessories for the GemLightbox (order no. 2550.G1000) for the creation of high-quality product photos and
45°, 90° and 360° videos of hanging pieces of jewellery.

Perfect videos at any time!

The easiest way to record perfect videos.
Easy to put the jewellery on the turntable, focus and film!
Create 45°, 90° or 360° videos using only your smartphone.
Send the videos to your customers or publish them in your online shop or on social media.

Please notice: Works only in combination with the GemLightbox ( 2550.G1000)
The GemLightbox is sold separately and is not included in the scope of delivery.

Minimum purchasing quantity: 1 ST