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Bullnheimer presents:

As a tailored response to ever-increasing customer demands for maximum efficiency and the highest quality, we are pleased to introduce the new S9 series from Leica. The microscopes of the S9 series feature excellent optics and the unique Leica FusionOptics technology. This enables a three times greater depth of field than before. Users can see a larger area of the object sharply in focus and thus need significantly less time to adjust the microscope. Thanks to a working distance of 122 mm on all S9 series stereomicroscopes, object inspection and processing under the microscope is convenient. The variable LED incident light sources with neutral color temperature, such as ring lights or LED domes, allow you to see and perfectly evaluate even polished surfaces and gemstones with true color. In addition to the new S9 series, Bullnheimer & Co. is the German general representative for Leica systems and your competent contact for questions about microscopy.    
Leica Mikroskope
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News from DURSTON:

Meet Olivia - Durston's all-new revolutionary rolling mill - the Olivia 130!

The patent-pending fifty-to-one gearbox makes rolling effortless. Olivia's unique fifty-to-one gearbox makes rolling easier than ever... for anyone! Old... young... short or tall: everyone will benefit from this extraordinary new machine. And... another first from Durston... this rolling mill can be used while the operator is sitting down! Great for those who find rolling difficult... or for anyone who can't operate a rolling mill standing up.

The all-new Olivia 130 rolling mill

All the quality and durability you'd expect from Durston – but with an easy-glide fifty-to-one gearbox that makes exceptionally light work.
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Bullnheimer & Co. posted in the GZ!!!

For the fantastic Hagerty Precious Stones Pencil we stir the advertising drum strongly in the GZ. The pencil is perfect for cleaning diamonds, sapphires and rubies quickly and easily. This makes it the perfect addition to any Hagerty product range.  
Sale: Hagerty precious stones pencil