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About the company

Distributor and service center

As a distributor we take over the country representation of well-known manufacturers and brands.

Our own brand “AUGUSTA” is well known in our industries and stands for tested quality and reliability.

Modern tradition

Family business in 5th generation

“If family businesses are to maintain their momentum across generations, they need a high level of professionalism in management and governance.”

– Zitat: Alphazirkel, [04.11.2021]

Picture: Conrad Bullnheimer

Conrad Bullnheimer

Picture: Gertrud Bullnheimer

Gertrud Bullnheimer

Picture: Justus Bullnheimer

Justus Bullnheimer

Picture: Silvia und Dieter Bullnheimer

Silvia & Dieter Bullnheimer

Picture: Niklas Bullnheimer

Niklas Bullnheimer

Picture: Conrad Bullnheimer

Conrad Bullnheimer

Picture: Gertrud Bullnheimer

Gertrud Bullnheimer

Picture: Justus Bullnheimer

Justus Bullnheimer

Picture: Silvia und Dieter Bullnheimer

Silvia & Dieter Bullnheimer

Picture: Niklas Bullnheimer

Niklas Bullnheimer


Niklas Bullnheimer, B.Sc. “International Industrial Engineering”, joins the company full time after working part time for 5 years during his studies.


Since 2015, Bullnheimer & Co. has been visiting new trade fairs of the watch and jewelry industry and from then on also exhibits at the “Intergem” in Idar-Oberstein, the “Gemworld” in Munich and the “VicenzaOro” in Italy.


Bullnheimer & Co. takes charge of the distribution for photo studios of the MODE360° brand in the German-speaking region.


Bullnheimer & Co. takes over the sole agency for micromotors from the market leader OSADA.


The newly designed Augusta tool catalog is published.

It covers the clearly structured areas of ear piercing, machines, tools, equipment, silver care and chemistry.

Together with the online catalog, which has been published simultaneously for the first time, it will quickly become a reference work for the entire industry.

1998 - 2000

Managing the distribution of the battery top brand Energizer for the wholesale trade.

1999 Mrs. Elisabeth Bullnheimer, limited partner of the company and head of the accounting department, retires well-deserved.

Silvia Bullnheimer takes over the business shares and strengthens the top management.

2000 The new warehouse building is completed with plenty of space for the expansion of the existing product portfolio.


The completely revised Augusta tool catalog in German, as well as in English and French, is completed and distributed to the specialized wholesale trade.


Construction of a new company headquarters at the address:

Im Tal 12, 86179 Augsburg, Germany.

Here approx. 1400 sqm are available for offices and a generous storage area.


1987 - 1989

Dieter Bullnheimer, Dipl. Ing. FH precision engineering and business, joins the company as successor to his father, who died in autumn 1980.

On January 1, 1989 Dieter Bullnheimer takes over the shares from Kurt Hoffmann and therefore Mrs. Elisabeth Bullnheimer and her son Dieter are the owners of Bullnheimer & Co. GmbH & Co. KG.

Ab 1970

From the 1970s onwards, Bullnheimer & Co. is increasingly represented at (inter)national trade fairs in the industry and many technical and organizational innovations take place, combined with increasing travel.

The company takes over the distribution of the world-famous brand and care product series Hagerty.


Parallel to watch and jewelry technology, the Electronics division is growing. The electronic and quartz age goes hand in hand with conventional timekeeping and traditional precision.




On the initiative of Bullnheimer & Co., leading wholesale companies from Germany and abroad come together for joint activities.

The cooperation “Technic-report” is founded.


The two wives Elisabeth Bullnheimer and Helene Hoffmann are integrated into the family business.

Mrs. Elisabeth Bullnheimer takes over the management of the business books and at the same time Hubert Zitzmann also receives procuration.


The introduction of self-service in the industry by Bullnheimer & Co. with the development of corresponding facilities, packaging and sales aids is groundbreaking. This innovation, initially received with skepticism, is now the industry standard.

1953 - 1957

Justus Bullnheimer and Kurt Hoffmann become general partners and the company moves into the business building in Schaezlerstraße.

Later, master watchmaker Hubert Zitzmann joins the company as a specialist in watch technology and to support management and sales.

1945 - 1946

Justus Bullnheimer and Kurt Hoffmann, the grandsons of the company’s founders, join the company after being deployed in the war, wounded and imprisoned.

The company works throughout Europe and thus manages to rebuild in a relatively short time after the war.



1939 - 1945

With extreme thrift and perseverance, Gertrud Bullnheimer works for survival in the difficult times of World War II. Female strength is shown in what was until then a male domain.

1930 - 1939

The world economic crisis and inflation also force Bullnheimer & Co. to fight for survival, and travel to other European countries increases.

1920 - 1926

Conrad Bullnheimer’s daughter Gertrud joins the company as co-partner and authorized signatory.

At this time, the company changes from a production firm with sales to a predominantly trading company.

Later, Peter Hoffmann, Albert Storch’s son-in-law, joined the company.

1914 - 1918

The First World War inhibited the company’s expansive development. Trading activities, especially abroad, were severely curtailed.

Mai 1889

The company is founded in Augsburg by Conrad Bullnheimer, the merchant, and Albert Storch, the technician. The company headquarters are at Vogeltorplatz. Later, the business is continued in Maximilianstraße.